Press Release: No money for teachers, but enough money to buy luxury cars

2nd November, 2016

It is most condemnable that the Government of Nagaland instead of resolving the genuine grievances of the people is resorting to draconian brute force to suppress people’s demand for what is their right, in this case the NSSATA teachers, with the government resorting to water cannoning the peaceful protesters at Kohima.The response of the government has numbed and shocked the entire state. It is absolutely reprehensible for a Government which has siphoned off 1000s of crores of wheat, rice, and SK oil, to claim that there’s no money to pay the salaries of its own teachers. There is clearly an ethical and moral deficit in way the government is operating when it buys Crores worth of luxury cars and yet claims that it cannot pay the salaries of the noblest of professions upon whom the future of thousands of students depend. After such an unfair treatment of its citizens on the 1st Nov, this government is ethically challenged and therefore doesn’t have the moral authority to run the affairs of the state anymore.

The ACAUT calls upon the Governor of Nagaland who is always on the forefront raising issues of corruption to ponder upon this absolute gross mismanagement, where, the elite looters have been exalted to high status and the down trodden marked as villains. The Chief Minister and the Governor both are requested to check the table below:

Year Bolero(B), Innova(I), Fortuner (F) & other vehicles(O) bought by the GoN Amount spend on vehicles (in Crores) Total no. of NST buses bought (Shortfall of NST buses=135) SK Oil siphoned off in Crores(@Rs.40 per Litre) Wheat siphoned off in Crores(@Rs.25 per Kg) A+B+C (in Crores) 10% of State share for SSA scheme (90% contribution by the Centre)
2013-14 18(B)+18(I)+8(O) Rs.3.85Cr Nil Rs.64.80Cr (1.62Cr litres) Rs.95.75Cr( 3.84Cr kg) Rs.164.4 Crores Only Rs.10cr/year
2014-15 2(B)+8(I)+3(F)+12(O) Rs.3.04Cr Nil Rs.64.40Cr (1.61 Cr litres) Rs.64.50Cr (2.58 Cr kg) Rs.131.94 Crores Only Rs.10cr/year
2015-16 25(B)+30(I)+2(O) Rs.6.83Cr NA Rs.25.58Cr (63.96 lakh litres) Rs.67.75Cr (2.71 Cr kg) Rs.100.16 Crores Only Rs.10cr/year

How can the government claim it doesn’t have money when the table clearly shows that it had more than enough funds at its disposal to not only pay the 10% state share but to even pay the entire salaries of SSA/RMSA combined if needed be? How dare the government say that it doesn’t have money to pay the salaries of ANAHTA (Hindi) teachers – not paid since March 2016- when they’re being sponsored 100% by the Central government? The fact of the matter is that corruption under this government has reached its zenith where none are spared; but the government had the gall to gleefully attend the Vigilance Week- giving tall speeches on corruption and probity in public life.

The ACAUT Nagaland strongly condemns the trivialization of agitations by clubbing such as ‘politically motivated’ when the government should be addressing the issues. When the SSA, RMSA and Hindi teachers haven’t been paid for more than half a year, the habitual attitude of the government to dismiss the genuine grievances of the teachers as politically motivated is uncalled for, immoral and highly condemnable. The Naga people are beginning to realise that this government is more concerned about staying in power than taking care of its people.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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