Press Release: CCoFA yet to see chargesheet report on fuel adulteration case

5th November, 2016

CCoFA would like to clarify to the public that though the SIT is believed to have submitted its chargesheet, it is yet to see the report since a copy wasn’t given to it. Even after a lapse of 10 days, the CCoFA is still in the dark as to the contents of the chargesheet despite the assurance of the Chief Minister. Secondly, it is incumbent upon the SIT and the Government to announce to the general public that chargesheet has been filed in the court instead of the CCoFA making an announcement.

The CCoFA is not supposed to run from pillar to post looking for a copy of the chargesheet but it has been doing so for the past 10 days. The government is already seized of the serious nature of the issue and the usual complacent and dishonorable attitude of the government is most condemnable. It gives credence to the general perception that the government is not at all serious about solving the vexed fuel adulteration issue.

Media Cell, CCoFA

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