Press Release: (i) 4 village councils support for sitting MLA, and (ii) Complaint of DCC against the reduction in voter names

9th November, 2016

Two very unfortunate and condemnable developments took place in the last few days.
Firstly, the 4 village councils, namely, Chapka, Yaongyimty Old, Yaongyimty New and Phansang under 24 Angetyongpang A/C declaring their support for the sitting MLA and Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Mr. S. Chuba Longkumer, and the Kelingmen Village supporting Mr. Nuklutoshi, Minister, National Highways, in the forthcoming 2018 elections - as declared in the newspapers on 6th November, 2016 - is murder of the very tenets of democracy and totally illegal. The ACAUT Nagaland resolutely condemns the unprincipled action of the 5 village authorities. The actions of the 5 village authorities could very well be interpreted as a pact to capture polling booths during the 2018 elections in favour of their particular candidates; and such is not only against the “Clean Election Campaign” of the NBCC and the principle of "One Man, One Vote" but thoroughly criminal. When Nagas have begun to yearn for a clean government through clean electoral practices, that the 5 Villages could resort to anti-Christian resolutions is a disappointment for every right-thinking citizen in Nagaland and most shameful and condemnable. The trend of ‘village council declarations’ should be rejected by all right-thinking citizens since this is the main reason why Nagaland is not moving forward in progress and prosperity. The ACAUT advises the village authorities to retract such declarations to avoid legal penalties.

Secondly, the complaint of the District Congress Committee (DCC) castigating the district administration and the authorities for the reduction in voter names under DMC area is uncalled for and most painful. If names in the voter list have been brought down from 1, 15, 395 in 2004 to 52,083 in 2016, the district administration and the Chief Electoral Officer should instead be applauded. On 18th September 2016 the ACAUT Nagaland had given a press statement that there’re 4 lakh bogus voters in Nagaland. On 27th September 2016, the CEO Nagaland, Sanjay Kumar, IAS, in a meeting at Hotel Japfu with NGOs and political parties had declared, that, out of 11.20 lakh voters, 4 lakh were bogus. This statement, though shocking, was a confirmation of what ACAUT had been averring all the while. The problem of Dimapur is that every Naga with permanent address in the other districts is also enrolled here. Also, lakhs of legal and illegal immigrants both are illegally enrolled in the state. Realizing that immigrants had enrolled themselves here in huge numbers having dire consequences for the future generation, the NTC had formed a Co-ordination Committee to unearth the problem taking technical inputs from the State Election Commission. Therefore, rather than being jabbed, the district administration and the CEO should be congratulated for the commendable job done.

When every citizen is clamoring for clean e-roll for a clean election and thereby good governance, the DCC should not be against public opinion. Political rivalry is healthy and part of the democratic process but it should not be at the cost of our people. If anything, the present voter tally of 52,083 is not final and certainly subject to further reduction. Also, to delete the 4 lakhs bogus names in the State E-roll, the ACAUT calls upon the ECI to carry out Intensive E-roll Revision in Nagaland not done since 2003. Carrying out Summary Revision exercise is simply inadequate.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland

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