Press Release: Dr.Shurhozelie Liezietsu letter to CM for regularization of backdoor appointments

11th November, 2016

A most unexpected letter, purportedly issued by Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu, the patriarch of the NPF party, may have possibly shattered the future of thousands of educated unemployed Naga youths for which the ACAUT Nagaland is compelled to make public the contents of the letter. On 28th March, 2016, the NPF president wrote to the CM and the entire Cabinet not to tinker with the existing controversial Office Memorandum (OM - 2008) which regularizes backdoor appointments after 3 years, virtually warning them that "If we abruptly change the course, more than 1000 people will go against you in your next election like 1993 episode where more than 800 senior people went against us on the issue of superannuation of age."

Incidentally, this letter was issued in the midst of a raging court case on a PIL filed by the ACAUT on backdoor appointments. It is obvious that the weightage of a letter written by the top leader of the NPF party couldn’t be ignored. And therefore, the fact of the matter is that on 11th August, 2016, a new OM incorporating for contract employees to be regularized after 3 years was re-issued because the previous OM dated 6th June 2016 banning backdoor appointment had nullified the old OM 2008 with its controversial 3 year clause. It is an apparent case of an OM being issued on the directive of the NPF patriarch allowing his government to skirt around its own previous order and thus, merrily regularizing thousands of backdoor appointments made prior to 6th June 2016. In one stroke, thousands of meritorious and hard-working young people who could have availed job opportunities in the event all the contract posts being freed up for competitive examination were rudely denied the chance, thanks to the letter.

It is painful that a senior leader like Dr. Shurhozelie, whom many Nagas consider as a statesmanlike figure and in the twilight of his illustrious political career, could ostensibly put his party interest before the interest of young Nagas when he should be primarily concerned on his contribution towards the benefit of Nagas as a whole. The ACAUT Nagaland appeals to the patriarch of the NPF party to consider what is good for Nagas, and write to his government, this time to withdraw the 11th August OM. Freeing up the tens of thousands of contract posts for the benefit of young Nagas may not be a popular move among his party men and Ministers, but the senior leader and patriarch should be most concerned about his legacy. It is an ethical dilemma which he can easily solve.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland

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