Press Release: ACAUT responds to Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu

16th November, 2016

It is terrible for Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu to justify backdoor appointment saying "there is nothing wrong with it... and the decision of the government in this matter is fully justified". It gets horrible when the NPF President refuses to use the term "backdoor appointment" saying "it is not backdoor appointment" and instead uses the deceptive term "contract employees" in his press rejoinder thereby taking liberty with the truth for political mileage. His attempt to sell the so-called Eligibilty Test, now presently employed by the departments to test the ‘suitability of candidates’ for regularization purpose is sickening.

Not too long back, one of his ministers, Mr. Yitachu claimed that Nagaland has 70,000 excess employees, out of the 140,000 government employees. His government has openly declared that 65% of state fund is spent on employee salary. In the past 5-6 years his government appointed approx. 40,000 employees, all through backdoor- that is, without advertisement or interview, and bypassing the ‘lame-duck’ NPSC as well. The NPF President knows too well that this figure includes the sons, daughters, and relatives of his party men, ministers, MLAs and his bureaucrats. As the torch-bearer of Regionalism, Dr. Liezietsu could have banged his fist on the table and put a stop to such nepotism and favouritism, of which he was only too vocal against not long time ago. The latest decision of the his Cabinet to regularize all the contract or backdoor employees who have completed 3 years of service, thanks to his letter, will not only dim the lives of tens of thousands of young people but also put a full stop to all developmental works in the state.

Perhaps the patriarch of the NPF needs to be reminded that notwithstanding his feelings, the court has ruled that appointments made purely on personal or political considerations or arbitrarily may mean that, "those who come to be appointed by such arbitrary procedure can hardly complain if the termination of their appointment is equally arbitrary. Those who come by the back-door have to go by the same door (The State of UP & Ors v UP State Law officers Association & Ors)".

The ACAUT Nagaland has made its clear stand known and now it is up to Dr. Shurhozelie to deal with his own conscience. The ACAUT will not engage the NPF patriarch anymore on this subject.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland

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