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12th September, 2015: Nagas’ opinion on peaceful settlement

“In what could be an opportunity for Nagas, history yet again puts us at the threshold of destiny and it requires each of us to rise above and beyond ourselves for what is truly a calling of our collective wisdom and not repeat the mistakes of the past and lose the opportunity to inclusively and decisively settle the Naga political issue. Considering that our decisions today could very well ensure peace and prosperity for future generations, it’s imperative that any accord must be clearly understood by all stake holders and thereafter sanctioned as per the will of the Naga people. Such inclusiveness would be the soul of a yearned for One Naga National Government.”

Who is speaking?

  • 1. Mr. Niketu Iralu: a noted peace activist who is a committed fighter for change and healing on human relations in the Naga crisis.
  • 2. Rev. Dr. Tuisem Shishak: Emeritus Principal, Patkai Christian College. An eminent educationist who founded the college with the motto of “Light and Truth.”
  • 3. Rev. Dr. VK Nuh, General Secretary, Fellowship of Naga Baptist Associations. A founder member of FNR. His contribution to peace efforts has been invaluable.
  • 4. Dr. Visier Sanyü Meyasetsu, President, Overseas Nagas’ Association. His academic background is history and archaeology. Now based in Australia, his last held post was Project Officer, World Vision, Australia.
  • 5. NBCC: the Baptist Church body. The Church has been facilitating peace over the decades. Its efforts go back to the fifties and sixties and the 1st ceasefire was declared in 1964.
  • 6. Rev. Dr. Mazie Nakhro, Ph.D is the Director, Mission Facilitator, USA. He is a columnist for the Morung Express. His grasp of Naganomics (Naga economy) may just about lay the foundation of a Naga economy.
  • 7. Khekiye K. Sema, IAS (Retd): He is a forceful exponent of Naga unity grounded in the 1951 plebiscite.
  • So what is This About?

    The ACAUT Nagaland is organizing a common platform on 12th September where distinguished panelistsrepresenting the Naga intellectual community and the Church will opinionate on the theme “Nagas’ opinion on peaceful settlement” at DDSC stadium, Dimapur, 3 pm onwards. The common platform is being organised on the above premise.

    Who can attend?

    All the mass based organisations, all the apex Naga tribal Hohos, all the apex student bodies, all the apex women organisations, Dimapur based mass based apex tribal bodies, churches of all denominations and related organisations, GB/DB organisations at all levels, educational institutions, etc., are requested to attend the programme as special invitees.Residents and leaders of all the villages and colonies in Dimapur district are requested to attend the programme.