Against the backdrop of huge public outcry against unabated and illegal taxations by Naga political groups (NPGs Or Undergrounds/Naga rebels/Naga armed revolutionary groups, etc) and government agencies, an emergency public meeting of Dimapur-based civil society, business community, student and youth organisations, most notably Naga Council, Naga Women Hoho Dimapur (NWHD), Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCI), East Dimapur Business Association (EDBA), Chumukedima Chamber of Commerce & Industries (CCCI), DNSU, YAN, GB Union (Sadar), Dimapur Urban Council Chairmen Federation (DUCCF), Dimapur District Consumer Society (DDSC) & Senior Citizen’s Forum was held under the aegis of Naga Council on 27th May, 2013. On the strength of this public meeting, a committee was formed known as Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) – later on changed to Against Corruption and Unabated taxation with the acronym remaining the same- to pursue the taxation issue. ACAUT in its meeting also resolved to constitute a Fact-finding Committee to study tax levied by NPGs and government agencies in the market and check gates and also find out the price of commodities in other states and submit its report accordingly.

The FFC members to the best of their ability interviewed a large cross section of the business community in Dimapur to unearth the reasons for the artificial price rise in the market. FFC members also travelled to Jorhat, Assam and interacted with Upper Assam Chamber of Commerce: Jorhat with a view to compare prices of commodities in Dimapur and Jorhat. During the course of our interaction, the committee came across rampant, illegal taxations on every conceivable commodity ranging from hardware goods and essential commodities to pan patta (betel leaf) by groups such as NSCN (IM), NSCN (K), GPRN/NSCN, FGN and government agencies like DMC, Police, Excise, Motor Vehicle Enforcement (MVE) under DTO and state Veterinary department. The collections by assorted “welfare unions and associations” have only made matters worse. It was also found that the Karbi militant group, UPDS, is collecting tax in Dimapur to finance its activities in Assam.

FFC also found out that the NPGs and government agencies impose arbitrary taxations on all items multiple number of times.