Our vision is a Prosperous Nagaland, free of Corruption and illegal Taxation.


  1. The ACAUT movement is an initiative of Naga civil society and business community to fight unabated taxations, illegal collections and corruption by Naga Political Groups (NPGs) and established government both.
  2. Unabated taxation means the system of taxation levied by Naga Political Groups (NPGs) on the business community in the form of a) Entry tax at the interstate or district gates b) shop tax c) Godown tax d) Yearly tax and all sorts of activities in the form of levying trade licence fees, soliciting donations, selling of calendars, etc. Illegal collection is the practice of government departments/agencies such Police, Excise, Forest, Veterinary departments, etc., collecting money at the check gates. The ACAUT Nagaland is committed to fighting corruption in any form.
  3. The ACAUT believes that unabated taxation can only be stopped if the different warring NPGs come under a single umbrella. The ACAUT is convinced that unabated taxation is the cause of factionalism in the Naga movement and vice-versa.
  4. The ACAUT believes that for the sake of the Naga movement, the warring factions should be forced to reconcile and this is achievable if the Naga people stop giving tax and this includes both Household & Ration tax, the two taxes which legitimizes the different factions.
  5. The ACAUT adopted the slogan “One Government One Tax” at its 31st October, 2013 Public Rally attended by 40,000 Naga public at Dimapur. The ACAUT is committed to spreading the message of One Government One Tax in all the districts of Nagaland.
  6. The ACAUT is also opposed to the usage of the slogan “Nagaland for Christ” by the NPGs- printed on taxation slips and letter pads- an act which justifies its activities such as unabated taxation and other anti-social activities.
  7. The ACAUT Nagaland is committed to the setting up of a High Powered Commission (HPC) as resolved on 31st October public rally to investigate all sorts of unabated taxations and government corruption. The government risks facing a massive people’s agitation on this issue if it fails to set up the HPC.
  8. The ACAUT Nagaland is riding on the crest of a massive people’s movement to bring accountability and Memorandums and Representations in the state and it shall not stop till its objectives are fulfilled.